How Business Advisory Services work for Startups

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services aim to support the business of firms by evaluating its operations. Agencies providing advisory services are generally experts in their field and often advise small businesses or firms lacking technical or market knowledge.

If your startup is just starting out or simply looking to sharpen its edge over competitors, you may consider looking into a suitable business advisory service company. This post will outline the process from start to finish.


Choosing an Advisor

The first step involves choosing a suitable firm. Before deciding on a firm, you should compile a list of required services. This is also known as a brief, as it summarises your company’s needs and vision. The brief has implications on the type of business advisor your firm will need.

If you require an annual tax return service you are more likely to choose an individual, freelance accountant. If you need an entire market review with general strategy, marketing and financial implications you should find a larger advisor with proven abilities. Customer testimonials are a great way to determine whether the potential advisor will suffice.

Once you have chosen an advisor, it will quickly become apparent whether you made the correct choice. The following steps will indicate whether your choice was a success.

Audit & Review

Once the advisory firm or freelancer has been chosen, they will perform an audit on your business, relevant to the needs outlined in the brief. After the first audit, you will have an idea of the type of business that is advising you. The criteria you should use for evaluating your audit are: content quality, timeliness and cost.

Audit checklist on a desk, with tick against audit satisfactory

When the audit has been completed, a review will highlight the main findings of the audit. These finding will provide the basis for the recommended objectives and strategy. When the review has been presented in its final form, you must determine whether the firm has been coherent with the brief outlined in the previous section and performed a satisfactory job.

If the proposed review is unsatisfactory and seriously lacking strategic implications, break all ties with the firm. However, if the review is fully comprehensive, you will expect as great quality each time a new audit is performed. When such work is performed, you should aim to form a long-standing relationship with the firm or freelancer.


The aim for any business is to become sustainable in its practices, both economically and socially. A relationship between companies implies that one firm is supporting another, and that there is mutual benefit in each transaction.

By forming this type of relationship with your business advisory services supplier, you will have gained a competitive advantage in the industry.

Every startup needs help in some way or another. Business advisory services can often tip a business venture into the black. Scotland in particular hosts a vibrant consulting economy that provides startups with business advisory services in Glasgow and Edinburgh along with other major Scottish cities.

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